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Mark Larsen

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"A friend referred me to Mark when I mentioned I was interested in exploring business ownership as a secondary income source.  Mark was a wealth of knowledge... he explained the franchise industry and ownership options, helped me articulate what I wanted out of my business, then found businesses to consider based on my criteria.

Most importantly, Mark was there at every step in my process, providing insight and resources that made my exploration more productive.  When I began the process I had a 3- to 5-year timeline for starting a business.  Once I began to see the advantage of keeping my job while being a semi-absentee franchise owner, I changed my mind.  I'm beginning a business that will provide the wealth and equity I'm after, as well as give my family an exciting opportunity to work together on something that gives back to our community."

Eileen Frazier - Maryland

of Coach Mark Larsen 


"I was very fortunate to be introduced to Mark by a friend-of-a-friend situation.   I had no idea that Franchise Coaches existed, but was thrilled and blessed to be connected with Mark.  He followed a very detailed and introspective process to analyze my abilities, talents and passions, then came up with options based on these, along with what I wanted in a franchise. He listened very intently in all our discussions and was able to surmise what stood out most to him and match me with opportunities. 

 Mark was always there for support, providing tools, and getting me through the "scary" parts of making my dream a reality.  I'm very excited to start this next chapter in my life, and I am very thankful for connecting with Mark to get it started.  I highly recommend Mark to all those who are considering franchise ownership... he is the best of the best!"

Teresa Pedigo - Illinois

of Coach Mark Larsen 

"There is absolutely no one better in this field than Mark.  His hand holding throughout my franchise exploration was the absolute best possible experience.  His willingness to continuously slow down and explain the franchise process was life changing for my family.

He painstakingly listened to and researched opportunities that met our requirements.  I would be happy to speak further with anyone wishing to delve into this path.  In no way can you go wrong with selecting Mark to guide you through this process.  I can't recommend him highly enough! " 

Russ Kendrick - Texas

of Coach Mark Larsen 

"Mark is a man of many talents: Coach, Counselor, Leader, Marketer, Entrepreneur.  These skills alone make Mark special, but his humility and generosity truly set him apart.

Most recently I worked with Mark to find an inspiring business ownership opportunity that I am now in the process of launching.  His process is personalized, methodical, intuitive and can facilitate the change that many folks in the corporate world crave."

Joe Bryan - Missouri

of Coach Mark Larsen